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Clean-Burning Fragrant Candle: Add-On Item

Clean-Burning Fragrant Candle: Add-On Item

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Round out your thoughtful gift with a clean-burning fragranced soy wax candle from PF Candle Co. The carefully crafted, inviting unisex scents are rooted in nature, so they are balanced and strong without overpowering the room. Select from our various candle scents to suit your recipient! Please note, this item is only sold as an ADD-ON item.

Why PF Candle Co? In addition to their divine scent and long-lasting clean burn, these iconic candles are locally made by an LA-based small business that prides themselves on high-quality products and clean ingredients. PF is also committed to sustainability, environmental advocacy, ending homelessness, empowering women, and fighting hunger.

Imagine the Fragrances:

No. 04: Teakwood & Tobacco: Notes of leather, teak, and orange.

No. 10: Sweet Grapefruit: Notes of grapefruit, yuzu, and lemon.

No. 11: Amber & Moss: Notes of sage, moss, and lavender.

No. 21: Golden Coast: Notes of eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood, and palo santo.

No. 28: Black Fig: Notes of evergreen, mission fig, and spice.

No. 35: Ojai Lavender: Notes of tangerine, lavender, mint.

Care information

For maximum enjoyment, please keep florals in fresh water, ensuring the water level is high and all stems are submerged. Change water daily, removing stems as they fade. Keep in a cool spot out of direct sunlight for longest vase life.

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