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Chef's Gourmet Olive Oil and Herbs

Chef's Gourmet Olive Oil and Herbs

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Olive Oil Selections

Whether for a master chef, a foodie, or someone just learning to cook, these gourmet olive oils and culinary herbs invite creativity and enjoyment in the kitchen. This gift is great for the host or hostess, or for new homeowners celebrating the purchase of a house. Don’t forget the accidental spills— clean up is easy with this stylish tea towel. Your curated gift includes:

-Brightland’s distinctive California-made small batch olive oils. Choose nutty, smooth Awake (for soup, pasta, bread, potatoes, eggs, vegetables and chicken) and/or bright, peppery Alive (for salad, marinades, dressings, hummus, and baked goods)

-June + December Handmade Chicory Tea Towel.

-A hand-potted mix of popular culinary herbs such as: Fresh Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, or Basil in a contemporary galvanized tin pot.

Care information

For maximum enjoyment, please keep florals in fresh water, ensuring the water level is high and all stems are submerged. Change water daily, removing stems as they fade. Keep in a cool spot out of direct sunlight for longest vase life.

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